Monday, May 2, 2011

I Hope My Mom Doesn't See This.

Facebook is almost entirely unenjoyable when you have to balance covering your ass and keeping your mom happy by being her friend. I guess it's easier for those of you who are actually friends with your moms. Either way, all it takes to screw up my work is a friend who doesn't have their pictures hidden from public view.


  1. =(. I think they should implement the "mom" setting on Facebook though. Is there a way for you to block her from seeing pictures you're tagged in?

  2. There kind of is actually! (I think)...
    Just go to privacy settings and set to custom. From there, you can pretty much make everything public to your friends except for her. It'll say something like "Make this visible to _____ except for _______" and you can hide everything from her. :D I don't really use facebook too much, but if there's one useful thing I know about it, it's hiding it from parents. You can also hide individual statuses from them when you post them if you click the little locky thinger next to the post button.
    If she's fb stalking, then I guess you're just going to have to hope your friends have their profiles set to friends only. D:

    Hope it helps c: